Nate moved to the DC area in 2013 to work for a Congressman.  Since then, he has worked as an analyst for private organizations and the federal government. You can see some of his old analysis on DC Coronavirus data and ShotSpotter data. He bought property in the Fairlawn neighborhood, and has used that (fair-market) affordable property to densely-house over 10 young professionals over the past 4 years. 


During a 2018 Capitals Stanley Cup watch party with people from his church, Nate discussed mutual friendships with a girl named Cecilia. That conversation grew into a beautiful relationship, engagement, and then marriage in the late summer of 2020. After the wedding, they moved in together in Fairlawn, and she made his house nicer.


Today, Nate enjoys running, swimming, traveling, and running for office. He perfers biking to driving for trips that are less than 3 miles away, and is a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church.