Legislative Priorities


- As Council Chair, Nate promises to present legislation in the first 200 days that:


Economic Opportunity Legislation:

-Eliminates requirements for barbering in DC and other trades that have unnecessary license requirements.

-De-regulates the permitting process on building upgrades and new buildings, eliminating some permits and decreasing fees on all others.


Anti-generational Poverty Legislation:

-Denies entitlement spending on individuals who have been recepients of entitlment spending for over 19 years.

-Ends DC Lottery, or, denies DC Lottery purchases from any recepient of DC housing or food subsidies. 

-Divests from public housing. Current residents get first dibs via TOPA laws on their current housing unit. 

-Freezes increases on property taxes, and decreases them by cutting wasteful spending (entitlements, COVID vaccines for children, H St. Trolly Car, Mayor's Offices of secial interests, etc...)


Human Rights Legislation:

-Bans abortion after 27 weeks.

-Decreases the amount of hours required for the Concealed and Carry License, so the license can be obtained in one day.

-Legalize plastic straws.

-Bans puberty blockers and gender-reassignment/affirmation surgery for minors.


Avoiding Public Displays of Immorality:

-Bans tax dollars from funding public events where children are allowed that celebrate any type of sexual behavior.







Nate's Ethics Plan: Have all Council Members publish their expeditures, and have Christina Henderson (and maybe Kenyan McDuffie, if he's there)  publicly admit at the beginning of each hearing that she is a Democrat, through and through. 



What Am i Missing?