FDA has no "Fully Authorized" vaccines


But DC officials still Require them For students  



D.C. Law 24-85. Coronavirus Immunization of School Students and Early Childhood Workers Regulation Amendment Act of 2021 requires "that eligible students in the District of Columbia receive a vaccination that is fully approved in the United States to prevent against COVID-19". 


It clarifies with this clause: 


"(3) "COVID-19 vaccine" means a vaccine against COVID-19 for which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted full approval as opposed to emergency use authorization."


However, the FDA only has Emergency Use Vaccines, and none of them have become fully-approved yet.

Pfizer-BioNTech: Full Emergency Use since August 2022.

Comirnaty: Emergency Use, according to Comirnaty's website.

Novavax: Emergency Use since July 2022.

Moderna/SpikeVax: Emergency Use since January 2022.


This important detail has been disregarded by the Mayor, who promotes compliance for 'required vaccinations' and the Council who created the legislation.



Message from a voter:

Nate's Response (this person didn't leave their email):

Great catch on the correct spelling of Pfizer, I fixed that.

I've seen the Hopkins Source before, and it's the most authoritative source I've found that claims that any of the shots have full authorization. Regrettably, this source (written by doctors) doesn't link to official .gov websites that share their conclusion of full authorization. When I research offical authorization letters for Moderna or another company, I read about the mandatory myocarditis reports that are due in the future, and find nothing with various Ctrl + F searches relating to 'fully authorized'. 

I admit this question of 'fully authorized and available' shots is complicated to answer, but my hours of research and discussion (including a visit to the DC Covid Center on 8th St SE and a question to Phil Mendelson during our DCTV forum) has currently brought me to the conclusion that a fully-authorized COVID vaccine isn't available at this time. This leads me to concluded that our Mayor is illegal enforcing the law regarding mandatory shots for school children.

I consider this to be a serious problem.

Tell me if i'm wrong