Thank you DC Voters!

I'm grateful to the 11,000+ voters who voted for pubic safety, addressing fraud, and keeping public defecation illegal.

I'll see you next time.



Election Results:

Who is Nate?


Nate Derenge has lived in DC since 2015, currenlty residing in Fairlawn with his wife, Cecilia. 


During the day, he's a supply chain analyst, and he enjoys doing normal stuff in his free time.


What kind of normal stuff? Playing basketball and soccer, writing poetry, making flour tortillas, drinking craft beer (tripels, quads, stouts), riding a single-speed bicycle, and watching council hearings.




No he isn't, so if that's important to you, you should vote for him.

(He's actually taking no donations, since his campaign is not for sale.)

Nate's Philosophy of Governance


Local governance should allow the citizens to freely and safely engage in commerce and social life. 


The District's ailments of crime, homelessness, 72% public school graduation rate, and poverty are not the result of the local or federal government holding back resources to specific areas. Crime is the result of unvirtuous people selfishly taking what doesn't belong to them (often repeated because prosecutors don't prosecute them); homelessness is the result of people who are dependent on others for shelter cutting off their vital relationships; the low graduation rate is the result of kids not going to school nor doing their homework; poverty (financial) is the result of slothfulness and foolishness with money. 


The local government cannot solve these problems by taxing the working people and creating programs and giving the money to those who demonstrate they can't steward it. Individuals need to learn how to be independent and provide for themselves to get out of generational poverty. 

Nate's Priorities

Public Safety is harmed when crime is decriminalized. Theft needs to be taken seriously, from fare evasion to carjacking. Property taxes have risen 3 years in a row, and it's messing up people's escrows, along with their ability to provide for themselves.


One of the major roles of the Council is oversight. Currently, multiple government agencies ignore recommendations from the DC Auditor or recklessly waste money on services for people who aren't American citizens.





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